Anniversary Day

I found this poem going through my binder of writings and remembered one particular anniversary.

The day I wrote this, we were living in sight of the ocean.

Here ya go…

“Another year has gone by

a silent agreement made

no handshake or contract necessary

just a silent yes to stay

on this train together

for awhile.

Same address and rituals abound

coffee in the morning

with cream

Wine at sunset overlooking the dawn

and cheese.

“Aren’t we lucky?” we say.

You hear whispers and I paint

a partnership baptized by fire

we’ve alway shown up and worked hard

but God knows

we’ve never been saints.


Love you, Alan…hope this makes you smile.

p.s. This is edited again, so I guess it’s more truthful to say, I’m still writing this anniversary poem. Alan and I were a team and hard workers. We were given gifts and rather than wishing for someone to come along and save us (much)…we turned them into tangible things we could share.

And so we go…still

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Day”

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and a reminder for all of us to love each in her own way. What a treasure. I love your posts. They bring such light to my life being so sequestered in my little house during this pandemic. Judilyn I drive by your Morro Bay home and remember the wonderful times we had creating and selfishly miss you.

    Judilyn and Walt Duba Join us in celebrating Peace Through Non-Violence

    Step 1 Find peace in yourself Step 2 Help someone else to find peace in themselves.

    Ignore the hatred Don’t sully yourself for them Look for the beauty – Unknown

    Peace is not a singular noun. It has more definitions than the number of stars in the sky.


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