Good Vibes

He was standing to the right of me, just to the edge of “Sergio’s” outdoor seating area.

 I was sitting on the rim of a planter box shared by a huge and plastic black spider, meant to scare me. 

We were both watchers, this gentle man and I, but he became more.

 A Dean Martin imitator and sometimes Marilyn Monroe, perform for Sergio’s patrons on Sunday evenings and Thursdays, too. 

Really, they are quite good, if anyone happens to be in the downtown area, you’re invited to be part of the audience

intended or not. 

Good vibes and music carry.

 Slight in stature and around my age, the man’s spine was curved in what appeared to be a degenerative fashion, the top part rounded high and yet he was hunched over.

Brave and sweet is how I think of him now and I hope it’s true.  

 I swayed a bit, he jiggled more, and I could tell by his moves, he was a dancer, still. 

If I had been younger, I would have thought,” oh how cute…. look at the old man dancing.”

 Or if I was a child, maybe I would have chuckled at the absurdity of someone so old, daring to have a good time. 

Instead, I was mesmerized by his courage and humanity and how we weren’t so different.

Plans change sometimes when paths are interrupted by an offering so pure and joyful, and we leaned into the gift.

It’s what we look for these days, unexpected and magical offerings to transcend the mundane and exhaustion from the past few years. 

Having a partner for so long provided insulation.

My boundaries were his boundaries, my edges were his edges…where does one begin and end?

Moving in the world with no buffer is my work. I am me, pure and simple. 

It’s good work and can be holy work if we choose.

Maybe it’s all holy.

Enjoy the ride and lean into it all.

It’s going to be great…

With love, gratitude, and a certain amount of grace,

Your friend,



Once when you were small you thought of big things. Now that you are big you think only of small things. What’s wrong with this picture?


6 thoughts on “Good Vibes”

  1. You understand the difference between the married and the single life now. Bittersweet. 😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. You said it Marylou—it’s all HOLY! We are spiritual beings having a human experience! I love your good vibes and all that you share of yourself with us. Remember, We’re all in this together!

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