Knitting Lessons- A Christmas Story

He was sitting in the far corner of the coffee shop singular and discreet, a young tattooed and pierced man, not unlike so many of our youth in this little foothill town. What made him singular was the way he was knitting right there for all to see.

Surrounding coffee drinkers were focused on smart phones and tablets and he was focused on a small ball of yarn and a series of complicated knitting needles, while bouncing his knee to the rhythmic pattern emerging.

Well on his way to completing a hat for his sister he’d already sold several pieces to make money.

“How long have you been doing this?” I asked after boldly taking my place beside him because I really wanted to know. 

“Since I was about nine, but my father made me stop. He thought a guy shouldn’t be knitting. I started back again, about two years ago. I no longer see my father. I do what I want.”

I understand the need to do what you want.

I told him I tried knitting in the past but never mastered it, making it clear I had mastered other things. “I’m an artist,” I said, and he relaxed a little. Artists can be trusted, at least in my Universe.

He gave up on his sister’s hat for a moment and focused on knitting instructions. We huddled in the corner of the coffee shop, a sixty-six-year-old woman, and a twenty-two-year-old man teaching her to knit.

“I have the most difficulty when I make mistakes,” I said.  “It’s hard to back track and fix them.”

“All you do is knit for a while, don’t worry about the mistakes. Just keep knitting and eventually you will become aware of the patterns and how to undo things. Don’t try so hard to get it right. Just knit.”

(A good lesson for life, I’m thinking now.)

Sitting back in my studio, I wonder if his father ever thinks about tangled yarn and how he might undo his ancient mistakes.

If he was aware of the gift he had born and how his child welcomed a stranger.

P.S.I wrote this three years ago when there was no imminent sign, I was soon to be a singular person hanging out in coffee shops alone. I’ve never learned to knit, but I’ve learned so many other things. Really important things.

I trust you are all well and paying attention to the gifts surrounding you this Holiday season. The gifts that don’t cost money.

Now is the time to be awake.

With so much gratitude and love,



Peace comes from your creativity within. The process of creating keeps you connected, and this is what brings you peace and abundance. Your ability to create is your biggest asset. Don’t ever forget… 

And so we go…

“Love As If” Limited Edition Print

4 thoughts on “Knitting Lessons- A Christmas Story”

  1. I so loved this story. Even if it happened 3 years ago. Such wonderful metaphors from that young many and may he live a brighter, longer life, seeing more meaning, than before, when someone (due to their own upbringing) found what he did as beneath him. Our minister’s wife, years after we left the church and he had moved away, taught our son Andy how to knit when we were visiting. He was about 8 years old I think. He took to it right away and we never stopped him. I don’t know if he ever did it later on in life. For me there are few things both genders cannot do well. We just do them differently, uniquely, making them our own. Thanks for sharing. Love always, Morgine

  2. OH MY!! My only Marylou original. It was like yesterday when we stood in your Morro Bay home as you were preparing to move to the desert area. I kept being draw to an original piece in the hallway. I asked you to tell me about that painting. The copper color in mine was striking.
    It’s been hanging above my TV for years. As the bedroom door opens it’s the first thing I see from my bed ♥️♥️

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