Snow Days

It’s strange to think just a few weeks ago, we were snowed in and without power. Much of our area was impacted by downed trees and broken limbs and in the hardest hit areas, no water.

The morning after I returned from my Christmas visit to San Francisco, I woke to an unusual amount of snow…and yes, no power.

Going through my writings today, I came across this and unfortunately, it’s not dated because that’s the way I do things.

Here ya go…

“After watching the weather report on T.V. last night, Alan cracked the front door and invited a cold blast of wintry air into our ancient home. My place on the couch included a comforter and I sunk in deeper until his mission was accomplished.

His mission was to check if the weather was reported accurately.

Nope, the expected raindrops hadn’t arrived yet and it appeared snowflakes wouldn’t be a part of the storm either.


We live in an area where the possibility of snow is received with great anticipation and frantic trips to the grocery store, ensuring starving is not an option. 

And then there is the fear of our Bay area transplants who lack driving experience in extreme weather and add to the hazardous conditions.

So much to be afraid of, there is. 

In truth, the white stuff rarely lasts more than a day and very rarely do we have to dig out or even have enough to build a snowman. 

The whole thing just adds a little excitement and relief from our otherwise scheduled days.

Sitting here, I’m thinking about how incredibly miraculous nature is, and how the potential for raindrops turning into soft, dreamy flakes of snow captures our imagination.

Our world is one big contradiction after another.

The weather report is squeezed in between subjects that will break our teeth, if we allow them to.

Snowflakes add a little softness and breathing room…if they don’t overdo it. 

Today I will spend time watching the raindrops fall, that eventually arrived overnight. 

Still no snow at our elevation.

Stopping for an Aztec Mocha on the way to my studio is a given and when I arrive I will do the things I do well, enough.

My hope is you will do what you do well enough… and step into yourself fully.

Now is the time.”

With love,


And this is a P.S. of sorts:

Alan was alive when I originally wrote this paragraph, and we conversed often about weather and the potential for weather. I made my way through this recent snowfall without him, lighting candles and tracking down flashlights, huddling under bed covers for warmth. Inspiration hit when my phone was almost out of juice and I cautiously made my way to the Police Station, pressing my nose against the window;

They graciously allowed me into the warm lobby where I used their outlet to charge things up.

Natural events like tornados and floods, tsunamis and heat waves have impacted all of us these past few years. Some of them have taken lives.

I wrote this in a time when snowfall was fun and not life changing.

It’s still fun especially if you are Joaquin… who is only two years old

and the skiers are really happy right now.

With love for all of us,



Be open to all possibilities and allow your heart, not your mind, to quietly filter the appropriateness of each option.

In other words, think with your heart.

Have fun and remember, you get to decide what that means.

2 thoughts on “Snow Days”

  1. I own this one..It resides in Eugene or I gave it to one of my daughters..or a friend. I know like many of your pieces it is etched on my heart. you say what I want say in a way I can only dream of saying it. Thank you for giving voice to my thoughts!

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