Warmer Days

She came and sat down in the chair beside and I was surprised but not shocked, but still it was a table for three and I was alone with my ice cream and sunshine.

In front of Lazy Dog, our local go to place for anything sweet. 

Even though these weren’t her exact words, she was looking for warmth and not conversation, which was hard for me because if someone sits down at my table, I feel the need to notice.

She was an older woman, and I was a lot older than the moms with children who were navigating the late afternoon and filling up space with conversation and catching up on homework schedules and sports routines. 

I remember those days so clearly and remember how a stop at the ice cream parlor could make any day more fun and not just another day with to do lists. 

After awhile my table companion rose to leave without saying goodbye or anything. She just got up, warmed I imagine, and that was all there was to it.

How bold to think I was a person who’s space she could invade and feel comfortable in, I’m thinking.

And yet we found peace and camaraderie in a few moments, and there was a lesson in that.

With no planning or text, a phone call first, we squeezed each other in between appointments and commitments and all that consumes.

No navigating or finagling, or writing it in pencil was necessary.

Not even ink.

I don’t know what her name is or was

and I guess it doesn’t matter

but if she’s reading this now

I want her to know

I think of her often.

And so we go with love



Relax into each moment, there is no need to push or rush.

Allow the Universe to provide in perfect timing.

Benevolent Kingdom

12′ x 18′ on paper


7 thoughts on “Warmer Days”

  1. I think she knew where the good energy was and she was drawn to you!
    Thank you for your beautiful words and your presence, Marylou. The world is a better place because you’re in it.

  2. Sometimes, when we least expect it,
    a “gift “ arrives. I remember that happening to me many decades ago in a lovely shop in Modesto, CA. To this day I can still remember the lovely woman who briefly entered my life and gave me hope.

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