Light to See and Air to Breathe

My little bathroom has been curtained, even though I am up high, and no one could see my goings on even if they tried. A person would need an extension ladder and why would they want to anyway? 

 And so, the curtain has been lifted and now I see light!

I see the shape of the moon and wonder why I obscured it for so long. 

I see sunshine and trees, patrons leaving the brewery and garbage trucks with blinking lights and contraptions that work with levers beyond my capabilities of understanding.

I see chem trails and stars and no UFOs yet

but airplanes, clouds, helicopters and pigeons.

Oh my god, the pigeons and the poop!

I can’t see my face at night, leaving off the light so I l burn candles which is softer and less revealing

and more kind.

Kindness. The Holy Grail of life these days.

Not stopping there, I removed the bathmat and now let water drop on the floor, washing it every day!

I no longer worry about pedicures, as if I ever did, because who decided toes are unsightly and need to be decorated and made pleasing to the eye?’

Dying to all that keeps one contained and within rule books and lines and societal games

is what I’m doing

and aspiring to.

Its’ sort of like unbuttoning the top button of your pants

and thinking, “what the hell.”



A playful spirit will detox and heal your mind, body and soul.

 At the same time, it will teach the important lesson of not taking your life so seriously.

Just saying.

With love for all of us,


4 thoughts on “Light to See and Air to Breathe”

    1. You are always such an encourager, Judilyn…thank you. I received your voice message but
      wasn’t able to reach you. Would you mind trying again? It said your voice mail hasn’t been set
      up, but the way technology is working today,it could be a mistake. Looking forward to hearing from you, my friend. So grateful..Love, m

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