Summer Solstice

I walked for miles and miles this morning, still wearing my black winter leggings and an oversize hooded shirt, no less.

It was already so warm at 7:30 and I commented to the woman at the light

as we waited together

agreeing at least on the subject of weather.

Actual eye contact and smiles were made, which is not always the case these days.

By this time, I’d already added an extra hill and loop and spent time appreciating rose gardens

and sod being delivered during this droughty season

when water is cautious and so are we.


Two dogs barked in tandem from opposite sides of the street.

Friends or foes was never made clear

or maybe they were just showing off,

and their posturing completely lost on me

but still exceptionally chaotic and loud.

I hear today is going to be a long one

and then tomorrow not quite so long.

Did you hear that, too?

The mystery of our natural world confounds me

even more than the material world

and yet I trust it more.

Today is an opportunity to choose, I guess

and spend the extra bit of daylight

doing something useful and productive

counting the hours

or gazing at the sky

or waiting for that one moment

when light gives way to dusk

then dark

and oh,

the stars.

Our tender heart… the stars.



It is never the “Things” in your life that ultimately brings you happiness. It is the people who make you laugh, cry, smile, think, celebrate, and push you to be the person you were designed to be.

Don’t ever forget.

And so we go with love,

Marylou and Alan, too

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