Turning Seventy

I can’t say much about this subject because I’m only one day in. I can say that it’s kind of shocked me, this aging thing.

Seventy is a number I’ve seen come and go in relationship to others, but never gave it much notice in relationship to my own future.

I love this about me… always late to the party but eventually I arrive safely and on time.

As if there is any option except the one that takes us sooner than later.

One longtime friend suggested seventy is only a number and yet I know by the feelings in my body that it is more.

There is an appreciation for what used to be easy, and now more effort and commitment needs to be made, to keep things oiled and working. 

My daily walks are no longer an option to keep this old body working in a way reminiscent of days gone by.

Sort of.

So, walk I do…early most days.

I spent my birthday morning with a friend, a cappuccino and chocolate croissant…something I rarely eat and yet it was delicious and not as sweet as I remembered them to be. 

The eating fest continued throughout the day and I’m still feeling the effects and that is an aging thing, most likely.

Here’s something I wrote for Facebook.


Some of us become quiet when there’s a lot going on. Rather than engage with the energy outside, catapulting into a sea of anxiety and confusion, we hunker down and retreat inward.

If you are not like this then it’s hard to fathom, but I can assure you it’s reality…for some of us.

And a way of survival, especially when our own lives have enough swirling intensity to engage with.

We create a bubble.

I’m seventy now and it’s not what it seems. 

It’s more awkward than I expected and feels like I’m on the cusp of something new, in the same way I was on the verge of something new as a pre-teen.

Holding my breath is of no use and neither is counting, most days. 

When I dream, I dream of sailboats and waves lapping onto shorelines, all mine to explore.

Softness and helping, a hand reached out to lead me across busy streets, at least on occasion. 

I love my little grandson’s warm hand, holding on to mine when we wait at crosswalks, and it seems we are holding each other tight. Making sure the other is safe.

Love is all there is.

Finding it in softness, inside is what I do….

until I become afraid

and then practiced tools help.

Facebook can be more than just showing our shiny parts.

It’s about showing our humanity.

With love for all of us

and courage too…

and more love



Today is a day for Thanksgiving and gratitude for all you have experienced. It is a day of gratitude for all that you are and most importantly, all you are becoming. 

When you truly grasp this truth, the sky becomes bluer, the breeze becomes refreshingly cool, and the possibilities are endless.

And so we go….


5 thoughts on “Turning Seventy”

  1. Happy Birthday, Marylou! Your words about getting older resonate deeply with me and just like all of your posts, I’m thankful you’ve shared them with the rest of the class. Sending you much love always.

  2. Happy 70th Birthday my friend. I think of you often and follow your journey. Life is a blessing with all its lessons and self reflection is a gift not all are given. Aging is also a gift not all are gi en so embrace this with an open heart and continue to shine your light for all of us who are following. Great joy to you xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday to you……….80 is a whole new adventure. Body and mind two different ages. And, that’s fine with me. Best to you.

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