More Than a Bargain

He wanted to know how many hours of ‘juice” I had on my laptop before needing to plug in, a friendly kind of question.

Recovering from a recent stroke, my compatriot’s steps were tentative and safe, considering his new reality. Hie wife or partner stayed close and vigilant.

We were in Starbucks, although it was the first time we’d ever met, face to face, eye to eye or otherwise.

The answer he received was way more than he bargained for.

I was using Alan’s laptop, truly for the first time, clicking on buttons, opening windows, and deleting some things. The one he used every day and often in Starbucks while sipping on a Grande’ Coffee with no room for cream.

You’d think I would have taken care of this task sooner, but the timing seemed right just now.

So, I told the man “I have no idea.”

 “This is the first time I’ve spent any time on this laptop; you see it was my husband’s and he died and now I’m becoming acquainted with it. Let’s see, I’ve been here working for about an hour and half, and it looks like there’s 75% more juice so maybe 6 hours total?”

Sometimes I’m astounded by my math abilities and quick thinking on my feet or seat, so to speak.

 I was there to input Alan’s “whispers” and start laying out his book, the one he planned before passing on to the next dimension or heaven, if you like.

The heat and smoke outside were oppressive and that was another reason to outsource my body and time to a cooler environment and not have to pay for the electricity.

The man’s response was wide eyed and not something he thought he’d have to deal with when asking a simple question, expecting a simple answer.

But I’m not a simple person with simple answers or a simple life, for that matter.

I think he was impressed by the six hour estimation, and a new laptop is in his future

and yet he began muttering something about praying for my husband and hoping he

was well

and I said he is

 and thank you for your good wishes.

Off he went.

Wife, partner, care giver following behind.

Sometimes people have a hard time with too much information and the dying subject is almost always too much, on certain days.

…like Monday thru Sunday.

And yet it comes easy for me.

I do like how he received more than he bargained for and I was able to give him a rounded out number, which is important during these days of uncertainty.

I’ve always been known for my generosity, in some circles

and I do my best.

As do you…

And so, we go…

With love,



It begins with you. No change can take place without your inner permission. For change to take place you must first make room for it…by forgiving that which you can’t change. When you are ready to forgive, change takes place.

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