Baby Bird

The little bundle of cells and life chirped (peeped) now and then and tentatively lifted its head and then a wing, collapsing into the corner of a salvaged food take out box. 

It was a safe place to rest and recuperate and hopefully grow in the care of its savior, magical Maria. 

Maria is a shiny light that seems to be wherever we are when hanging out in Grass Valley and sometimes Nevada City.

She’s a mom, an entrepreneur, a chef and a singer, a Spanish-speaker and a blower of kisses. 

Two little fingers pressed to her lips and then her intent becomes air born and flies to meet us. 


Joaquin and I leaned in to see. We were on our way to the library for toddler story time, but this was unusual enough to stop us in our tracks.

The little winged creature had fallen from a high nest in a tall tree and was obviously in need of rescue. 

Before we came close enough to see and hear the story, I had surmised Maria was carrying her lunch. 

And she was chewing, which supported my assumption.

As it turns out, there was no hamburger or salad, and it was too early for lunch.

She was chewing seeds and pulverizing them into bits, purposely to feed the little baby bird. 

I am intent on never forgetting this scenario and the scene that played out.

How some things are not what they appear.

What do we miss? What if we’d never been offered the chance to look into the eyes of a little rescued bird and wished it well on its healing journey?

What if we’d never slowed down to quietness and breath…in awe? 

What if the story was only about lunch on the run and a salutation from a friend?

It would have been a fine story but a bird story is sweeter.

This is not a lecture or even worth a second notice unless it speaks to you,

like a baby bird in a box


that could have been a hamburger but was not.

and so the story goes…

With love,


“ 2 whispers”

Look for the potential of a miracle in all things, even those things that at first glance, might irritate you.

Look for the potential of a miracle in those things you do not understand.

When you begin to see all of life as a miracle you begin to understand that abundance is everywhere.


Now is not the time to lie down.

Now is not the time to quit. 

Now is the time to soar.

“Escaping Free”

2 thoughts on “Baby Bird”

  1. Marylou, once again your sharing of an encounter, the baby bird story, has touched my heart. Sometimes we humans are like that little baby bird, scared, frightened, out of our element and floundering. We just need to stop, breath deeply, and look around at our beautiful and amazing world and know we have the power to change our lives. Fear can be conquered. Doubts can be vanquished. We can step out of our comfort zone and do wonderful things, large and small when we allow ourselves to.
    Have a lovely evening and a beautiful Sunday tomorrow.

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